Cyril Rohr
Cyril Rohr.

Hi, I'm a Ruby & RubyOnRails freelancer.

What can I help you with?


I mainly do web development using Ruby, RubyOnRails, and Javascript. I’m also interested in information retrieval, machine learning techniques, distributed software architectures, cloud computing, REST and HTTP APIs. Here are the main areas where I can help you:

New development

Be it a full-fledged project or a prototype to explore a new market, I can help you build any kind of web application, in an iterative way.

DevOps & Cloud Computing

Automation and proper infrastructure can give a competitive edge to your business. I can help you move to the cloud or provision the servers and tools you need.


If your development team needs a refreshment in a specific technology or area of my expertise, I can dedicate a few days to personal training and workshops.


Stuck with a older version of Ruby and/or RubyOnRails? I can help you migrate to the latest and greatest.


Spending a lot more time than expected each time you're making a change to existing code? I can help you refactor.


Wasting time with manual testing, or worse, fixing bugs due to regressions? I can help you build a strong test suite.


Be it slow SQL queries, slow page loading, or poor HTTP caching, I can help you pin-point issues and act on them.

I've worked with these fine companies

  • Dexem
  • Dimelo
  • Reverb
  • Inria
Please have a look at my recommandations on my LinkedIn profile.