Cyril Rohr
Cyril Rohr.

SaaS Fatigue

SaaS Fatigue

Sacha Greif:

Used to be, if you wanted a piece of software you clicked the “buy” button and voilà, you had your very own copy for life, and you didn’t need to pay again until the next major version (and even that was optional).

However these days it’s all about SaaS (Software as a Service): every app wants to charge you monthly or yearly.

But while paying for 2 or 3 (or even 4 or 5) services monthly is fine, I’m starting to worry that users will soon reach a saturation point.

Starting to feel the same. I recently canceled my Wufoo account, which to me is the perfect example of the ‘Laziness Tax’ Sacha is talking about : it was too pricy for what I was using it for, but since I had important data in it it was somehow easier to still keep paying instead of taking the time to export the data.