Cyril Rohr
Cyril Rohr.

Ebarnouflant #001

This year I’m going to try something new, i.e. publish every week a list of links, mainly about Web development, Freelancing, DevOps, etc. The goal is not necessarily to post the most awesome or recent links, but things that I’ve found to be useful or interesting in my daily work.

Inspiration for this mainly comes from the Double Shot series on Mike Gunderloy’s website, as you always end up finding a few links to interesting discussions/posts/products/libraries/people that you didn’t know about. It’s also a more paced alternative to Twitter for finding links.

This series will be called Ebarnouflant, which is a French word to express a mixture of “wow/awesome/cool/crazy/unbelievable” feelings about something. I hope you’ll (re)discover at least something every week.

Let’s start with this week’s links:

  • RiskDB Vulnerability Explorer - With the recent Rails security issues, you may want to keep an eye on the latest vulnerabilities discovered in the software world.
  • CasperJS - Navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS, written in Javascript. If you’re tired of Capybara & Selenium.
  • Geckoboard - Paid SaaS product to get a (good-looking) custom dashboard for your key metrics. Integrates with various services and has an API to build custom widgets.
  • Weekly Devops Email Newsletter - Weekly newsletter with links to interesting devops-related articles.
  • My personal package repository - Scripts for building and maintaining a debian package repository using Vagrant. Examples available on Github.
  • Deploying New Image Formats on the Web - Practical use of content-negotiation techniques to deliver optimized images according to the browser’s capabilities.
  • Comment récupérer un compte Twitter - French article on how to get back a twitter account that impersonates your Company/Product.
  • Image Mapper - Haven’t done that kind of thing in years, but this looks like a nice online tool to help creating HTML image maps.
  • square/cane - Code quality threshold checking as part of your build.
  • Google Apps Script - JavaScript-based language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services.
  • ElasticSearch pre-flight checklist - List of things that should never be skipped when bringing an ElasticSearch cluster to production.
  • Upstart Intro, Cookbook and Best Practices - For those interested in writing upstart scripts for debian-based and fedora-based platforms. This doc is specifically targeted at Ubuntu.