Cyril Rohr
Cyril Rohr.

Ebarnouflant #007

Better late than never!

  • Using SVG - Thorough guide to using (and customizing) SVG images in web pages.
  • josephg/ShareJS - Node.js library to allow for collaborative editing in any app.
  • postrank-labs/postrank-uri - Ruby library that deals with extracting, (un)escaping, normalization, and canonicalization of URIs. Was used at PostRank.
  • By the numbers: How Google Compute Engine stacks up to Amazon EC2 - Some interesting numbers, especially regarding the VM boot times, and the difference between Google’s private backbone and Amazon’s lack of it.
  • Photo Presets - Set of photo filters for Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, etc. “Add gorgeous, film-inspired tones to your photos in seconds.”
  • Resources for web operations - Set of articles written as part of the UK Government Digital Strategy initiative. The full list of articles (on agile, design, teams, users, etc.) is available here.
  • mitchellh/vagrant-aws - Plugin that adds AWS support for Vagrant. Awesome!
  • Hypermedia APIs - A brief overview and pointers.
  • Docker - A new take on linux containers, to encapsulate a software component and all its dependencies in a format that is self-describing and portable. Soon to be open-sourced by dotCloud.
  • From a monolithic Ruby on Rails app to the JVM - Presentation on how (and why) SoundCloud is currently migrating away from Rails to JVM-based languages.
  • dotcloud/hipache - Distributed HTTP and websocket proxy used at dotCloud to route the incoming requests to a backend (à la heroku).
  • mbostock/stack - A presentation library that does keep the scroll based navigation controls. By the d3.js guy.
  • Rands In Repose: The Long Thought - “When I observe how I consume information, I’ve become increasingly aware of how little actual deep information I’m consuming.” - Why Discourse is being built to improve communication on Internet.
  • Linux Performance Analysis and Tools - A quick tour of tools that can be used to see what’s going on on your system. Lots of them!
  • Lessons Learned: Why Continuous Deployment? - Good (old) article on the advantages of continuous deployment.
  • jayferd/rouge - Pure-ruby code highlighter compatible with Pygments.
  • How to (not) Fail - A lesson on the language of marketing. #1 on the not to do list: assume they’re interested.
  • Bootstrapping a Software Product - Slide deck on bootstrapping a software product as a solo entrepreneur. “If people take the time to criticize, it’s because they feel that the product is already pretty solid. If it’s way off, they don’t say anything at all.”
  • Bootstrap switch - iOS-type switch button for Bootstrap.
  • rubyworks/yaml_command - A command line tool for working with YAML files.